Angel Pendant

When Joy was a little girl, her father, Dave, sat with Joy at the kitchen table to help him design an Angel Pendant. Joy drew a design with her fathers help and he took the drawing to his wax designer to carve a wax mold. Dave casted the wax Angel into 14kt yellow gold. Dave kept the piece with intentions of marketing it to his customers. In February of 2015 Joy came across the angel and decided to make a mold of the pendant so that it could be mass produced in sterling silver or 14kt white/yellow gold. This is a great piece to remember a special someone who has passed. Adding their birthstone in the center heart is another way to add a special touch. Wear it as a pendant, make it a charm to add to a bracelet, or we can add a pin to the back of the angel to always have with you. It is a great piece to keep with you always that will remind you of that special person.

“Dear-To-Me” Mother’s Pendant

In 2009, Joy started designing and carving jewelry. In 2010 she wanted to design a modern mother’s pendant that had a special meaning as Joy and her husband found out they were expecting their first child. Joy came up with the design symbolizing the mother embracing her child. One birthstone can be added to the pendant or multiple stones can be added to represent each child. A perfect “Push-Present” for the first time mother!

Staurolite “Cross Rock”

About 1975, Dave Schepers met a lady named Irene Wilson. She was a single lady in her mid-sixties and was vice president of the St. Cloud National Bank on the East side of St. Cloud. Dave got to know her and discovered she was a rock hound. She invited Dave over to her house to take a look at her rock collection. In her rock collection Dave noticed the cross like forms that she called Staurolites. Dave was intrigued by them and asked if he could make a mold of them in gold and sell them at Schepers Jewelers. Most the Staurolites found are nowhere near as perfect as the one pictured, copied from Irene. One day a man came into Schepers Jewelers and asked “hey where did you get the ‘cross rock’?” So Dave told him the story about Irene Wilson, and he told Dave he hunts for them up at Blanchard Dam on the Mississippi River, just north of Royalton, Minnesota. This is one of the few places in the world where they are found. People from all over the country go to Blanchard Dam in search for the “Cross Rock”.

The Staurolites, better known as "fairy stones" are found at Blanchard Dam just south of Little Falls, MN. Take Hilton Road (approximately 8.6 miles) to 68th Street (take path at the Dead End road). These "Fairy" or "Lucky" stones are twinned Staurolite crystals simulating the Roman, Maltese and St. Andrew's crosses. They are as much as an inch in length and are of dark brown color. The original Staurolite mineral has changed to a compact softer material, so that the stones can be readily pared for jewelry trade.

It is well known that the late ex-President Theodore Roosevelt and ex-President Wilson, Thomas A. Edison, Colonel Charles Lindbergh, and many other prominent people of this country as well as some of the crown heads of Europe and prominent officers and men in the European War carried one or more of these little lucky pieces tucked snugly away about them.

These stones are much sought after as good luck pieces, charms, and natural curiosities. Every stone is in some shape of a cross, and millions of people are now wearing them in various forms of jewelry also known as cross rocks.

Find the Fire in your Life

In May of 2014 Joy’s husband was deployed to Kuwait for eleven months. The challenges of being a single mother to a 3-year old and a 1- year old at the time were constant. Her father Dave always had a positive outlook on life to keep Joy in-check. He was very understanding with taking time off at work for the kids and helped her around the house when needed. After Christmas of 2014, Dave became sick with a cold and did not show up to work for a few days. After the second day Joy talked to her father and convinced him to go to the doctor to make sure it was not pneumonia. Dave went and was sent home with antibiotics. The next day he was rushed to the doctor when it was confirmed he was having a heart attack. The doctors were able to stent the area and stabilize Dave. There was a significant amount of damage to the heart and after a week of fighting heart arrhythmias Dave was not able to fight anymore. Balancing work, parenting, and grief, Joy remained optimistic and hard working. Joy believes whatever doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Joy designed the “Find the Fire in your Life” pendant to symbolize that women have the power and the strength to over come difficult events in life and it is in the choices we make during that hardship that help define us ~ Find the Fire in your Life.