Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is the only thing we wear everyday and do not have to take off to clean. This also means that proper care needs to be done yearly to prevent lose of stones or even the jewelry piece. Here are some tips and warning signs that your jewelry needs to be repaired.


Prongs are catching.

This is an indication that your prongs are wearing thin and need to be rebuilt or possible a new crown. It could also mean that a prong Broken off and needs to be repair. This is the number one reason for loss of stones.


Chain is wearing

One test you can do is slowing lay the chain in your hand. If it lays it sections it means the chain is wearing and can break easily. Brings it into a jewelry if you think your chain is getting weak, if that chain breaks then the pendant is lost.


Loose backs

The main reason earrings are lost is because the back it not snapping on tightly. If you think the back is not snapping on the post tight bring it to a jeweler to have your back adjusted or replaced.


Loose Clasp

Bracelet clasps can loosen over time and when this happens the bracelet can fall off. If you do not think the claps is catching correctly bring it into a jeweler to look at the clasp and adjust it so that is snaps on correctly. At that time it would be good to have a jewelry look at the links to make sure they are still strong. Broken links is another reason for loss of bracelets.

It is always best to bring your jewelry to a trusted jeweler if you feel something is not right.