Schepers’ Exclusive

Dear-to-Me Diamond Guarantee and Registration Certificate

What is your diamond certificate?

Our diamond certificate state that all engagement and wedding rings are unconditionally guaranteed to conform to the United States Bureau of standards Karats requirements as well as the highest industry standards for workmanship, lasting quality, and style.

All graded Dear-to-Me diamonds are unconditionally guaranteed to conform to the United States Bureau of Standards for weight and quality. The brilliance, clarity, and color of every stone is selected and guaranteed by recognized experts to be uniform in grade.

What does your warranty cover?

Your diamond is warranty against falling out under NORMAL wearing conditions.
• You must bring in your diamond certificate to be dated and signed by an authorized personnel to reinstate the warranty for one more year,
• If you miss your inspection date Schepers Jewelers is no longer responsible for your diamond loss. No exceptions.

How does your diamond warranty differ from other jewelers?

Schepers does not charge you for any repairs on your diamond jewelry for a period of four years from the date of purchase as long as your diamond is inspected by Schepers yearly.

We do further agree to allow full market value of your diamond in trade in upon purchased of any higher priced diamond in our stock.

Schepers encourages you to bring your diamond periodically for cleaning and polishing. Your rings may be welded together and engraved. All of this is done at no extra charge.