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Welcome to Schepers Jewelers! We have been in business for 66 years and look for to another 66 years. Schepers first started on the east side of St. Cloud in 1950 by Emmett “Red” Schepers. In 1974 David Schepers purchased the business from his father and it was relocated to Division Fashion Place Center. We are currently located off 2nd Street in St. Cloud next to Tenvoordee Ford.

We are a family owned and operated jewelry store that treats each customer like family when they walk in the door. We understand how intimidating a jewelry store can be when purchasing an exceptional gift for your special someone. We work hard to educate you on jewelry so that you can make the best purchase. We do not pressure customers, we understand jewelry is an emotional purchase and we want you to be 100% confident in your purchase when shopping at Schepers Jewelers. We know that without our customers we would not be in business and that is why we strive to give the best service in town by going to extra mile. You want it delivered; just ask. It is service like this that separates us from the other jewelers.

Joy “Schepers” Sherwood (Owner)

Joy started work at Schepers Jewelers in 1998 when she was 15 years old. She has worked side by side with her father for 17 years. She is a 2005 graduate from Saint Cloud State University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business Management and Biology. She is also a member of Lambda pi Eta, of The National Communication Honor Society, Business Women of Central MN, and the Yellow Ribbon Group (Becker). Joy has completed color stones essentials, diamond essentials, and diamonds and diamond grading from GIA. In the last 5 years Joy has become in expert in custom designing, working with customers to make their ideas come alive and trying to give the customer the best product at a great value.

Joy was also featured in the first addition of, Women in Business. Read the article:

Eric Schepers

Eric Schepers

Eric started working full time in January of 2015 at Schepers Jewelers. Eric is a 2000 graduated from St. Cloud State with a major in Business Computer Information System. Throughout years Eric has learned jewelry repair from “Diamond Dave” to become a goldsmith. Eric believes in educating the customer on jewelry repairs so that they are aware of what is done to their jewelry before it is repaired and understand what maintenance is needed to prevent future lost of stones or jewelry. Eric also assists in the custom design process by making jewelry come alive from a wax design to casted finish piece.

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